SEGi College Subang Jaya Library

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                                              Library on the 9th floor of the campus.
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                                        The library as a gateway to lifelong learning.
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                            Print and online library resources for knowledge and skills.
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                            Access the E-Library for online databases via Blackboard.
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                                                        Happy New Year 2019.
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        Look for The Koha User Guide in the Information Skills at the top menu bar.                               You are also welcome to the Library Skills Assist at the Library Counter.

Based on the UNESCO Public Library Manifesto, the library strive to be an essential component of any strategy aimed at building knowledge endowed and workplace equipped graduates by the college.

We endeavour as one of the local gateways to knowledge, to provide a conducive environment with a variety of resources in multiple formats to support the efforts towards academic excellence.

The library also serves as an entry point to deeper learning by introducing topics of interest through posters, boards and sharing sessions.


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